Monday, October 16, 2006

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Friday, October 13, 2006




After much waiting and working with one of our dairies, Lamer’s, we are pleased and proud to announce the launch of Organic Milk and Hormone and Antibiotic-Free Milk and Orange Juice in Glass Bottles!!

Why all the fuss, you may ask?? Well, aside from the fact that the milk just tastes better and using glass is better for the environment, Timber Creek Farms is one of a small handful of companies in our delivery area able to bring you the real deal right to your door. There are other, larger companies who can deliver milk in glass, but what kind of milk? In the past, another home delivery service who specializes in milk in glass bottles offered a clean product. They could certify that their milk contained no antibiotics and no synthetic growth hormones. Over time, that certification eroded into a promise, and now their milk is the same as all the rest.

Enter: Lamer’s in Wisconsin. Lamer’s provides Timber Creek with two lines of milk; Dairyland’s Best and Wisconsin Organics. Although not organic, Dairyland’s best is certified to have no synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics in it. And now it’s available in glass! We have their affidavit on file, and we’ll send you a copy for the asking. Wisconsin Organics’ milk is USDA Certified Organic, of course, and now it’s also available in glass, too! Really, what more could you ask for?

Timber Creek now has a complete Dairy Brochure listing all of our dairy options. Look for it on our website at or ask for one in your next delivery.

Now I have my milk in glass and produce delivered together, and they’re on my doorstep once a week.

I only wish I knew about Timber Creek when my children were little………


(**Important announcement: Lamer's has stopped carrying "Grass Point Farms" milk from grass-fed cows.**)