Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How To Feed A Family

This post is a long overdue “Thank You” to everyone who felt moved to respond to the letter they received from Timber Creek about the Feed a Family Foundation.

You are the most generous, selfless, caring people I know.

As most of you probably know, Tony’s idea to feed families organic food for a year was originally grounded in the simple concept that together, we all can do something to help one another. This first effort of Timber Creek matching funds with Member contributions was purely born; and was meant to give our combined dollars and shared concerns to others without the need to form a charitable trust to be overseen by the government.

By the second week of our call to the Members of Timber Creek, it had become clear that Tony should make the Feed a Family Foundation a formal, government-approved foundation that worked year ‘round to ‘feed a family’. Wheels were put into motion, forms were filed, and we’re well on our way to that worthy goal.

We have not yet reached it, tho. We did not receive our not-for-profit status in 2006. Our application is pending with the IRS, and during this time we are unable to accept any donations on behalf of the Foundation. While none of the members of our Board of Directors foresees a reason that we would not be granted tax-exempt status in early 2007, we must be patient and wait until the IRS makes their final determination. I hope that you understand our concerns and can appreciate that this policy has been adopted to protect the Foundation and help to ensure its long life.

Some of those who have given large contributions have asked that we send their checks back, and that is OK with us. We understand. Others, particularly those who wrote smaller checks, have asked that we keep the funds and use them to feed a family. They know that they cannot take a tax deduction from the Foundation, but that’s OK with them. Two groups of very motivated people did put together the funds to feed two families for the next year! This is what caring is all about, and I take off my hat to them.

We will keep you informed of our progress. The Feed a Family Foundation is a great cause, and soon we will be able to help many, many families with a year-long delivery of fresh, organic food, courtesy of you.