Friday, November 28, 2008

A New Video to Help You Place a Custom Order!

I hope you’re enjoying your deliveries from Timber Creek! I know that I always look forward to my delivery. I really love the surprises that come in my box, but sometimes, I need specific items.

Now, if you’re receiving our Fruit and Veggie Box or any box listed in our brochure, the contents of the box will be a surprise, but you can always add as many extra items as you need.

But, sometimes you just need to “Go Custom.” And there’s no extra charge for doing so!

So, how do you go about placing a Custom Order? There are two ways to do it -- with a semi-custom box called the Picky Produce Box, or by just ordering a totally custom box.

First of all, I strongly recommend that you write out a grocery list, just as if you were going to the store.


You can watch a short "How To" video here.

Or, you can go to our website: and click on Picky Produce Box

The Picky Produce Box makes your shopping faster.

On the Picky Produce Box page in box #1, you will see a list of items that Tony, the owner of TCF has chosen for you. The total delivered price of those items is $22.63. If you like what he
has chosen for you, then proceed to fill out the fields provided in box #2.

If you wish to receive the Picky Produce box instead of your standing produce order, be sure to mark the box near the top of the Picky Produce shopping list that says,

"Replace Standing Order this Week with this One."

However -- the Picky Produce Box is not complete until YOU add a minimum of 4 different fresh produce items that your family enjoys. This is when you consult your pre-written grocery list.
You can add more than 4 fresh produce items to the box, but not less.

When you've added your fresh produce items, check the choices over once more. Be sure you have not chosen a "case" instead of a "pound" of any particular items unless that is what you really want.

Then you can continue to add any other items that we offer: dairy, bread, meat or frozen items.

If you have a standing dairy order, the dairy items you choose on the Picky Produce page will be delivered in addition to your standing dairy order, unless you tell us to cancel your standing dairy order that week, too.

Once you click on "Submit" you will not be given a chance to review your order.

We cannot provide you with a total amount due for your order as we weigh all items as they are put into your box. You can, however, estimate the cost by adding up the items you have chosen
and including a 1% tax to the added items and $4 if you have chosen any frozen items.


You can watch a short "How To" video here.

Simply go to the Picky Produce Page and click on the items you wish to order from your own personal grocery list. Fresh produce items must total $23.85. Add 1% sales tax and $5.78 shipping and handling (standard on every box we offer.) If you order any frozen items, there is a $4.00 dry ice charge.

We cannot provide you with a total amount due for your order as we weigh all items as they are put into your box. You can, however, estimate the cost by adding up the items you have chosen.

Be sure to click the field at the top of the Picky Produce shopping list that says

"Remove Picky Produce Box from this Order."

This way you will not receive the items selected for the Picky Produce Box -- you'll only receive the items you choose below that.

Also be sure to click the button that says,

"Replace Standing Order
this Week with this One"

unless you wish to receive your standing produce order and the Custom Order you are creating.

If you have a standing dairy order, the dairy items you choose for this Custom Order will be delivered in addition to your standing dairy order, unless you tell us to cancel your standing dairy order that week, too.

That list of items to choose from includes everything Timber Creek offers: produce, dairy, bread, meats and frozen items.
As long as we receive your order by 6:00 a.m. Friday, you will receive it on your next delivery day.

Both Custom Boxes do not repeat unless you tell us to repeat them. The reason for this is that the prices fluctuate, and you may receive the same items each time, but not always at the same

Go ahead and give the Picky Produce and Custom Box a try!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shifting Gears -- BIG TIME

Wow, things are changing rapidly here at TCF! We've invested in a couple of very cool new things to help all of our customers, newbies and seasoned professionals keep in the information flow.

The first thing we've done is set up a set of informational emails. We have a different set of emails depending on how you use Timber Creek. For instance, if your main interface with us is through your fundraiser group at your child's school, there is a set of informational emails on how to best maximize that experience for you.

If you're an existing customer, whether 'just signed up' or 'been here a while,' it's easy to get in a rut with TCF because so many other things are trying to get and keep our attention. So, for these customers there's a set of informational emails explaining how to make the most of your TCF experience -- some of it may be review, some of it may be new -- but we even have instructional videos on how to place custom orders, so it should be worth it just for the refresher.

We're NOT trying to inundate you with emails. This series consists of about 6-7 emails and then it's over. But it might be a good idea to make a folder for them in your email program, as each of them will have live links you can use to get to where you need to go to implement the suggestions offered in them.

Occasionally, we will send you an extra email having to do with any anouncements that need to be made such as a change in route delivery days, and so forth, but our aim is to bring you information you need and can use.

And of course you may "unsubscribe" at any point in time. Just scroll to the bottom of the email and click the link. YOU are in charge, here -- we're just trying to help you get the most for your money and the most satisfying experience you can with Timber Creek.

Thanks for allowing us to do that, and keep an eye open for even more new cool stuff!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Make All the Difference in the World

I’d like to tell you the story of Martha. Martha, a single mom with a small daughter, wanted more than anything to be a stay-at-home mom. She felt that it was her greatest priority to be the strongest influence in her young daughter Lily’s everyday life.

Because she was her child’s sole support, she knew this would not be easy. To be with her daughter, working outside the home was out of the question. So Martha started a small in-home business and worked tirelessly to make it successful.

Her daughter, home with her every day, received the love and attention that some miss. And she also learned by watching what love-in-action really is – Lily watched her mother work and learned about the necessity of having, keeping and working hard at a job to make her world go ‘round.

If you’ve ever started a business of your own, then you know that it’s not easy. It takes a long time to get established, and while you’re waiting, the bills keep coming. It’s a hard way to live, but Martha understood her reason for choosing this path – and her daughter reaped the rewards.

In 2007 the Feed A Family Foundation and sent out its annual letter asking for help for families in need.

Martha, who at one time had been a customer of Timber Creek, called right away and asked to be put on the waiting list. By now, she had begun to homeschool Lily and was evermore committed to the path they walked together. But keeping up with the financial strains was becoming even more difficult.

Martha and Lily were put on the Waiting List. They waited an entire year before getting a call from Timber Creek.

A wonderful family had personally pledged $3000.00 -- enough money to feed three families, each for a year. The donor family had two families in mind to help, but asked Timber Creek to find a suitable third family.

I went directly to the waiting list, and there at the top were Martha and Lily. All three families successfully completed the application process, and deliveries began right away.

Then, one morning, I opened an email from Martha, and this is what it said:

“…I have to say THANK YOU. I received the first shipment yesterday morning and was fine until I opened the box. Oh My God, the tears started flowing as I acknowledged the fact that I will be able to provide some of the best food and snacks imaginable thanks to you and the Feed a Family
program, the generosity of an anonymous family and TCF Organics! I immediately made a beautiful fruit salad for breakfast and served my daughter hers in bed as we were just getting ready to celebrate her birthday and I had only change in my wallet!...”
Of course, the email was immediately forwarded to the donor family, who replied:

“Life and blessings sure are wonderful huh? I am so proud to be helping out ALONG with you fine folks. Your hard work, encouragement, and leadership are what led to this woman having a wonderful day. Thanks so much for sharing this.

You and the company you work for are awesome people....”

When I spoke with Martha recently, she told me that she feels so blessed every time her delivery arrives, that she decided to teach Lily to “pay it forward.”

Every week they see the same homeless man standing outside the Post Office, and now every week they share a little of their fruit with him. And every week he says to them,

“Thank you – Thank God.”

You can use the Foundation to Adopt a Mom and feed her family. Whether you have a family in mind, or wish to help a family who is struggling quietly and alone, every dollar you give to the Foundation is used to delivery fresh, organic fruits and vegetables every week for a year, and your donation is tax deductable.

Please join with us this year to bring peace to our friends and neighbors – “Adopt a Mom” with us. You can feed her family by using the Foundation, and every single day you will know you are making a difference.

Contact me at and we'll start right away!