Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Timber Creek Bag Dryer

So......now you’ve purchased some of our Evert-Fresh Bags and you see how wonderfully they work, but there’s a little problem……once you’ve rinsed them out, where do you put them to dry? My kitchen was wall-to-wall with drying Evert Fresh bags, but now we have the solution.

We hooked up with Kaj from Canada to bring you the only bag dryer of its kind. This little thing is so slick! When you’re ready to dry your bags, just slide the ring down the dowels and attach the base. You now have 8 handy hangers.

If you’re short on counter space, you can hang this little contraption from anywhere via the metal eyelet – and when you’re finished – just put the bags away, slide the ring back up the dowels, detach the base, and it will fit in your silverware drawer. The whole thing is 14” tall and weighs 6 ½ oz. Nifty, huh?

And the price can't be beat.....$16.99 each! Just call and add one to your order.

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